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Aina is a retreat from your day to day. Escape to our grounding, calming space. We are a team of passionate, empathetic and skilled practitioners with a shared goal of holistic health and wellness. 


To provide holistic services with clean, organic products that help meet the needs of our clients and customers alike. We believe the best way to help our community is to help the individual.


It is our goal to provide a space where you can come in, relax, let go of stress and tension, a place of luxury that you can come and enjoy on your own, for a special occasion or with someone you love.

Who Is AINA?

The name Aina (eye-nah) was chosen by the original owner. Although it was created to represent the Islands where "Aina" means "Homeland", the name "Aina" is actually known all over the world and found in many cultures! Here are just a few:

In Japan it means "love, affection, fondness"

In Latvia it means "view, sight"

In Malaysia it means "joy, delight"

In Valencian Country it means "land or earth"

In Bangladesh it means "eyes"

In Arabia in means "beautiful eyes, sight, joy, lightening, forever"

In Scandinavia "always"

In Madagascar it means "soul of living"

So, who is Aina? This beautiful Spa!

After becoming the new owner of this spa and learning the various meanings of "Aina" it became clear to me that this spa was aptly named! This spa is grounded, rooted, in holistic therapies, using organic products from the earth. We use natural cleaning products and strive to be environmentally friendly in all we do. It is our joy and delight to provide services for all who walk through our doors. It is our hope that you can experience our spa with joy, delight and fondness and love spending time here with us. We want to deepen your love and appreciation for self, for others and enliven your soul. 

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