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Green Leaves

Massage Treatments


Wellness Massage - This is a firm pressure massage performed by non-registered massage therapists.  Whether you're looking for pain management, stress management this treatment offers a medley of both, while using a variety of pressure and technique. 

Hot towels and stones are always complimentary. 

45 minute massage - $85
60 minute massage - $110

Job opportunity: Although we have one practitioner who can do deep tissue massage, her time is very limited and we are currently looking for another practitioner who can offer this, even if it is part-time.

Relaxation Massage - A relaxing, meditative massage performed by our practitioners. This treatment will put you in a trance using relaxing pressure, hot towels and hot stones. 

This service is all about relaxation and does not include deep tissue or therapeutic style.

45 minute massage - $70
60 minute massage - $95
90  minute massage - $140

Prenatal Massage 

We are not able to offer this service at this time.

Job opportunity: We are currently looking for someone who is able to offer this service for our clients who are expecting and deserve proper care.


Until then, may we recommend one of our


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