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Sugaring Benefits vs. Waxing



Wax has many chemical ingredients, mostly resins and preservatives. Sugaring paste is made from 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS with no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects caused by allergic reactions. It is so natural you can EAT it!



Wax must be heated to a very high degree in order to become liquefied. This amount of heat can cause burning and scarring. It also causes swelling in the tissues, which makes hair removal difficult. Long term use can breakdown the underlying connecting tissues, especially in the lip and brow areas which is associated with wrinkling. The Advanced Sugaring Paste is applied at body temperature making it safe for spider veins and varicose veins since it will not increase blood supply. 



Since wax contains resins, after waxing, the client is usually left feeling sticky. Sugar can be easily cleaned up with water – clients never feel sticky after treatments.



Wax has been known to remove more than just the hair, since it can adhere directly to live skin cells, which makes waxing painful and irritating. Wax cannot be applied to an area more than once (twice maximum). Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. It will remove the hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells, thus making it safe for eczema and psoriasis, but leaves the new skin intact. This means less discomfort to you, and less trauma to your skin. It is gentle enough to go over the same area more than once when necessary to remove the shortest and most coarse hair, without causing skin damage or irritation.



One of the most common problems waxers face is early regrowth due to broken hairs. Waxing can leave 15 – 30% breakage behind. This problem is usually caused, not by the esthetician, but by the wax used. Since wax hardens on the hair, it has the tendency to break it off at the surface, rather than pull it out. Using the Advanced Sugaring Technique, the paste wraps around the hair shaft making it pliable, while seeping below the mouth of the follicle and lubricating the hair to make the extraction more complete and gentle.



Cross contamination in a waxing room is always a danger, especially since bacteria will grow inside of a wax jar. The sugaring paste is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Sugar helps control cross- contamination. Since our paste has such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot breed in the jar. Sanitation is increased when Essential Tonic and latex gloves are used in conjunction with our antimicrobial skin cleanser (Precept).

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