Taste of Immunity

Just in time for the flurries.

Here it is! Our 2019 winter ritual: A Taste of Immunity

In your cozy robe begin with a mustard seed bath bomb foot soak from Saltspring Soapworks.  Mustard seed powder helps to stimulate the sweat glands and open pores while helping the body rid itself of toxins and improving circulation and clear congestion. Alfalfa leaf powder is renowned for cleansing the body of impurities, detoxifying and helping to soothe arthritis and rheumatism. Epsom Salts help to strengthen bones and relax sore, achy muscles.

Enjoy dark chocolate, handmade in Northern California by master chocolatiers.  Four Sigmatic limited edition chocolate is made with their famous 10 mushroom blend to chill you out, help you focus and rev your immune system.

Our propriety blend of organic immune boosting essential oils are incorporated into a full body, raindrop style massage with hot stones and steamy towels.

Sinuses are opened and pressure relieved with an organic menthol lymphatic drainage massage for the face, neck and chest.

To reawaken your senses, a potent immunity shot of lemon, ginger, turmeric and honey is the final destination on your immunity journey.


75 min| $135

Add infrared Sauna + Eucalyptus Rain Shower $30

Side by side available

Aina Organic Spa 2019




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