Body scrubs are one of our favourite things!

They are super relaxing, incredibly satisfying and give instant results. We know that doing it yourself isn't the same BUT, there is something super nurturing about spending that time on yourself. Especially if you take it from a quick scrub and rinse in the shower to a full on ritual. This Body Polish from Spa Ritual is so decadent; with organic butters, oils and herbal extracts, to nourish the skin, and organic coconut sugar and mineral rich silica to buff surface debris.


1.On your bed, lay down a clean blanket that you don't mind staining. Place a hot water bottle or heated bean bag in the middle of the blanket and fold the blanket around it to keep the heat in.

2.Have a nice hot Epsom salt bath; light some candles, put on some music and enjoy a sparkling lemon water. Put on your favorite facial treatment; We like Hydra Forte or Avocado Mango Mask as leave on treatments.

3.Drain the tub and, with your skin still wet, apply the polish in a vigorous scrubbing motion.

4.Gently brush off loose polish and wrap yourself in a towel.

5. Head to the bedroom and unfold the blanket, so that it is laying flat. Move your hot water bottle or bean bag to an area that you tend to be cold or have tension; think feet, lower back or shoulders.

6.Remove your towel and lay down on the blanket, folding it over to cocoon your body.

7. Meditate, listen to an audio book or watch your favorite series while the product soaks in and nourishes you skin.

8. Unwrap yourself and hop onto the shower to rinse off the polish. We suggest alternating hot and cold to rev circulation and boost detoxification but if you want to maintain your zen; just straight warm is good too. Both Hydra Forte and Avocado Mango Masks can be left on overnight, so avoid rinsing off your mask if your skin needs extra hydration.

9.Out of the shower and with damp skin, apply a body body butter like SpaRituals Jasmine and Tuberose Body Salve. Give your feet a nice massage focusing on areas of tenderness.

10.Slip into bed and have an amazing sleep.

11.Wake up in the morning with glowing skin.

These little acts of self care are an investment in how we are going to feel tomorrow. It is important during challenging times to still care for yourself. This will heighten your mood and ensure that you are capable of handling the challenges that life throws at us.

We've got this quarantine beauties!

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