All of our massages can have enhancements added to them! Check out our ENHANCEMENT page and plan your best visit with us!

* Please note that we do not have BC RMTs *

Relaxation Massage

$70 | 45 min

$95 | 60 min

$140 | 90 min

A full body, meditative massage performed by our Estheticians. This rhythmic treatment will put you in a trance using relaxing pressure, hot towels and hot stones. 

This service is all about relaxation and does not include deep tissue or therapeutic style.


Experience the massage of your choice with your loved one at your side in our luxury Couple's Suite. 

Pricing based on the style and length of massage.

***   Wellness Massage is back!

And we are working to offer Prenatal Massage, Cupping and Reflexology again soon! We are also working on other therapies that will help support your body's desire to relax and be in balance. We are sad to say that we are not able to offer all that we have been able to before at this time. We hope to be able to add them again soon.    ***

Wellness Massage

$85 | 45 min

$110 | 60 min

$165 | 90 min

This session is completely tailored to you by our non-registered massage therapists.  Whether you're looking for pain management, stress management or a little of both; your Practitioner will design a massage just for you, using a variety of pressure and technique.  Hot towels and stones are always complimentary. 


$180 | 90 min

A beautiful blend of relaxing massage with customized aromatherapy.  Your therapist will use essential oil blends unique to Aina to help you to feel more grounded and uplifted.  During your massage each essential oil is dropped onto the spine with a relaxing technique.  AromaMassage can be beneficial for many conditions including: Insomnia, depression, menopause, anxiety, muscle pain, headache and many others.

Our essential oils are ethically sourced and pure to offer the best therapeutic benefits. 

*Therapeutic grade essential oils are very potent and should not be used on those who are currently pregnant or those planning to be pregnant.  If you have serious medical conditions please consult your health care provider before booking a AromaMassage.

 Cupping Therapy


$85 | 45 min

$110 | 60 min

$165 | 90 min

Our Cupping Therapy is inspired by the ancient art of Chinese Cupping.  Traditionally this healing modality used heated glass cups applied to the skin to remove energy blockages.  Our modern twist on this traditional healing art uses silicone cups to create a sort of inverted massage technique.  This suction massage provides many benefits such as relief of chronic pain, detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system, reduction in cellulite and overall texture of the skin as well as providing a feeling of overall well-being.  After a consultation your Practitioner will design your Cupping Therapy session around your specific goals. 

Prenatal Massage

$85 | 45 min

$110 | 60 min

$165 | 90 min

A massage suitable for all trimesters.   Our therapists have specialized training allowing them to customize your massage.  They will take into consideration your individual needs and medical status to ensure your safety.  We offer side lying position as well as our body cushioning system which allows you to lay face down with your belly supported. 


$85 | 45 min

$110 | 60 min

Reflexology is a healing practice originating in China. It utilizes energy lines, or nerve pathways, to balance internal body systems. The feet are most commonly addressed but your treatment may also include hands, face and head. 

By using direct finger pressure, energy lines are stimulated, causing a "reset" response. This Brings the system back to its naturally balanced state.  Reflexology is known to induce deep relaxation.  Sessions include a foot soak utilizing fair trade, pure castile soap, organic oils and tea tree to cleanse the feet and allow you time to decompress before your treatment.