If you are new to our spa please take a moment to review our etiquette so you may fully enjoy your time with us.



Although we love children, we ask that they do not accompany you to your spa service.  This will allow you to fully relax and let go, as well as ensuring your fellow guests will not be distracted from their service.  Children 15 and up may visit the spa only if they are receiving a service of their own.  Children under the age of 18, receiving their own service, must be accompanied by a guardian.



We know it is difficult to unplug, but we feel that this will allow you to fully focus on relaxation and being present.  Before entering the relaxation lounge please turn off any mobile device, tablet etc.  If you must answer or make a call please exit the relaxation lounge, into our boutique to do so.



To allow others to fully enjoy their service please speak softly while in the spa.



We know it can be difficult to relax into your treatment with a hectic schedule.  We encourage you to arrive early, to give you time to decompress before your treatment.  This will ensure you receive your full treatment time and enjoy it to the fullest.



To keep the spa clean and cozy we ask that you remove your outdoor footwear before entering the relaxation lounge.  We provide comfortable knitted slippers to keep your feet warm during your visit.


If you have any questions regarding spa etiquette we would be happy to assist you!





If you are unable to find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to give us a call.  


Do I have to be naked for my treatment?

Although some treatments, such as our Wraps and Scrubs do require you to fully disrobe, you are provided with proper draping to respect your privacy at all times.  Our massages are customizable, so whether you are comfortable nude, in undergarments or active wear we can adjust your treatment accordingly.  If you have any concerns regarding this we are happy to answer any questions at the time of booking.


I have a disability, am I able to receive a treatment?

If you have a physical disability please be aware that some areas of the spa are stair access only.  We are able to adjust most of our treatments to accommodate a disability.  Please let us know at the time of booking so we may plan any necessary accommodations.


I am having a high risk pregnancy, am I able to have a prenatal massage?

For those experiencing a high risk pregnancy such as medical complications, multiples or previous miscarriage we ask that you obtain a note from your health care provider, recommending prenatal massage and noting any limitations.


I have an old gift certificate, am I able to use it?

Although our gift certificates do not expire, they may default to the dollar amount purchased depending on menu changes.  For information on your gift certificate, call us with your gift certificate number and we would be happy to look it up for you.


Am I supposed to tip?

Gratuities are graciously accepted but never expected.  Gratuities are generally not given for on-going health care treatments, however tips are often given for luxury services.  If you would like to tip your practitioner, between 15% and 20% is customary.  Our debit  machine offers a tip option for those who wish to use it, however this does not mean you must.  If your service does not warrant a tip simply bypass the tip option.


What if I miss my appointment?

Your treatment arrangements are held exclusively for you.  Out of respect for your practitioners' time we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a 50% service charge.  Failure to show without notice will result in a 100% service charge.  A credit card, gift certificate or pre payment is required to make an appointment, however your card will not be charged unless we do not receive adequate notice of cancellation.


I'm unable to find child care, can I bring my child into the spa with me for my treatment?

For safety, liability and serenity reasons we are not able to allow children 15 years and younger into the Spa relaxation and treatment area.  The boutique/reception area is only suitable for children, 15 yrs and under, when accompanied by a guardian.  We ask that you make child care arrangements before booking your appointment so that you, as well as your fellow guests, may fully enjoy their services.  Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate guests who are accompanied by a child, however our cancellation policy applies as this time is reserved just for you.