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Enhancements you can add to Massage,
Facials and Body Treatments

Light Therapy:   $20

Deeply penetrating wavelengths increase cell energy, collagen and elastic production and stimulate micro-circulation to decrease arthritic and joint pain, muscle spasm, and muscle and joint stiffness.

Detox Foot Mask:   $20

An in-house recipe using local clay and essential oils of Black Pepper, Tea Tree and Cinnamon to increase circulation and pull toxins from the soles of the feet. Complete with hot towel compress and lotion application.

Back Exfoliation:   $30

Fine sugar granules, organic coconut oil and organic lime essential oil buff and hydrate followed by steamed towel compresses to relax tense muscles and massage using rich lotion.

Foot Exfoliation:   $30

Tucked in your cozy bed your feet are scrubbed using our in-house organic sugar scrub. Steamed towels soothe aches followed by massage using rich lotion.

Foot Soak:  $30

Slip into a cozy robe and enjoy a cup of tea while your feet are soaked using fair trade, pure  castile soap with organic oils and tea tree essential oil to cleanse and hydrate.

Foot Soak & Exfoliation:   $35

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak in your private suite using fair trade, pure castile soap with organic oils and organic tea tree essential oil followed by a hydrating scrub for the feet and lower leg featuring our in-house organic sugar scrub.

Cocoa Butter Mask:   $20

Tucked in your cozy bed, your hands or feet are enveloped in our in-house hydration recipe featuring organic cocoa butter and organic peppermint essential oil and steamy towels.

Mini Facial:   $30 | 15 min

Your skin is cleansed with products specific to your skin type and condition followed by steamed towels, a facial massage, serum and moisturizer.

Extra Massage:   $30 | 15 min

Enjoy extra massage when you want a little more massage.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:   $15

Indulge in our smooth, high anti-oxidant, gluten and dairy free chocolate. We start with fresh juicy strawberries and fine Belgian chocolate, made fresh to order.  Perfect to enjoy during a foot soak, pedicure or between your foot soak and massage.

Enhancements for Manicures & Pedicures

Chocolate Strawberries :   $15

Indulge in a healthy snack, high in anti-oxidants and free of gluten and dairy.  Perfect to enjoy during a foot soak, pedicure or in our relaxation lounge following your service.

Scrub & Mask:   $20

Enjoy our in-house sugar scrub with coconut and lime followed by a cocoa butter mask.

Mask & Massage:   $20

Enjoy the treatment mask of your choice followed by extra massage.

Hot Stone Massage:   $20

Smooth river stones deliver heat to tired and sore muscles.

Gel Polish:   $25

Add to any manicure or pedicure and enjoy flawless color. Cured with an LED lamp. Does not add length or thickness.  Professional removal recommended.

Gel Removal:   $15 

If you currently have gel polish on your nails please let us know at the time of booking so we may ensure the extra time is available for removal.

NOTE: If you are coming in just for a gel removal that is a stand alone service for $35 | 30min. We do allow extra time to ensure your nails are properly taken care of after removing the gel.

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