Infrared saunas increase the body’s core temperature & as a result create a very deep & detoxifying sweat from within the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed.

In fact, when a sweat analysis was conducted between conventional type of saunas + infrared saunas, it was determined that infrared saunas produce sweat containing 80% water and 20% toxins whilst conventional saunas produce sweat containing 97% water + only 3% in toxins.

An infrared sweat will also purge cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, heavy metals (mercury, aluminium and arsenic), nicotine, sulphuric acid and ammonia, as opposed to only water and sodium chloride (salt) from traditional saunas!

Introductory Sauna

For those new the the sauna experience and just want to dip a toe in.

$55 | 30 min

$30 | add to spa service

Includes 30 minute sauna session, complimentary Rain Shower, spa products and fresh


Therapeutic Sauna

a therapeutic session that is guaranteed to get you sweating.

$65 | 60 min

$40 | add to spa service

Includes 60 minute sauna session, complimentary Rain Shower, spa products and fresh linens.





Our rain shower diffused with eucalyptus essential oil is complementary with each sauna session.

You can add a shower to any of our massage treatments for $20.

Note: our rain shower is not available on its own.

Sauna & Rain Shower FAQ's

Will I be in the sauna with other people?

Our sauna room is completely private.  If you would like to bring a loved one to share your sauna experience with you are welcome to, otherwise you will have the sauna all to yourself.

I have health complication, am I still able to use the sauna?

There are some health conditions which make sauna use unsafe, such as pregnancy and cardiovascular conditions.  If you have any health complications we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before booking a sauna session.

Do I have to take my clothes off to use the sauna?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the sauna we do recommend disrobing, however we do provide you with a towel to wear in the sauna if you prefer.

What if I get too hot in the sauna?

Within the sauna room there is space for you to exit the sauna and relax outside of the heat, until you feel comfortable to go back in.

Should I bring my own amenities for my shower?

No need to bring anything but yourself! We are happy to provide you with fresh linens as well as organic and natural products to use during your shower.

Is the shower room open to other guests?

We only have one shower, which is contained in its own suite, including a small change area.  So you can enjoy complete privacy during your shower time.